Born out of love and passion, Bello Creations by Tayo Bello offers exquisite designer jewellery with an original yet timeless quality.

Tayo’s ultimate satisfaction lies in creating jewellery that celebrates true beauty. With a stylish and contemporary elegance, pieces are designed to evoke the wearer’s inner confidence and unique style.

The distinctive and sophisticated signature style of Bello Creations is a delicate balance of traditional and modern jewellery techniques together with original design. Inspiration is found within nature’s elements, such as the intriguing patterns and forms found in flowing water or the swirling fluidity of the ocean waves.

Tayo’s jewellery designs capture this essence of natural beauty through the skilled use of smooth and fluid lines, sleek forms, patterns, colour and reflections.
Individually made by Tayo in her West London Studio, every piece of fine jewellery has been hand-crafted in Sterling Silver or Gold and playfully integrates semi-precious stones to add a hint of colour.