The Big Strawberry and all that Jazz!

After all the excitement and the pomp and ceremony has faded away, it’s back to work as usual. The big Strawberry light went up and came down safely and I’m going to hang a little version in Arthurs if you fancy a peek!  It did look lovely!

Thought I’d share a couple of picks from the festival, don’t the lights look pretty?

Gosh it was COLD though!  Aargh… June?  Lucky we Brits are such a hardy bunch!

Still lovely atmosphere and well done to Lesley Christiane for getting it all together in such style, the music coming from the Jazz tent was amazing and warmed us up a treat (OK the calor gas fire helped a lot too!)  and  I also have to say thanks to the staff at Strawberry Hill House who did a splendid job and went beyond the call of duty in their positivity!  All good stuff, make sure ya’ll get tickets for next year because the  weather will be sunny and warm, the music will sweep you away and you’ll just have a fabulous time.



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