Ruby Orchard – Jewellery

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My creative impulse is driven by many things but top of the list would be my baby girls and living in beautiful Cornwall.

I have developed an intuitive style over the years but skill of the hand is important too. I try to add new repertoire but keep to a ‘theme’. My practice is in the main silversmithing but I have reviewed the gemstones I use and find a limited palette to be more effective.

I believe strongly in ‘work ethic’, ideas and inspiration being a part of the whole. Solitary studio practice allows the imagination to wander I find. I am always open to new ways of seeing and doing, never remaining static.

It is important to me to have an ordered studio so if there is a lull of ideas I tend to get on with manual tasks, for instance, forming earring loops, tidying my bench and sorting my gemstones and of course the running of the business.

I was born in Cornwall and have chosen to make my life here. My upbringing was bohemian and mainly influenced by my Mother. Falmouth is an incredibly creative town, full of artists and musicians. Freedom of expression was encouraged and although I tried other ways of being I feel that this is what I am meant to be doing…for the rest of my life, learning as I go.

Running my own business means that I can work from home and combine my role as a new mother to twin girls with my role as an artist/practitioner. Finding a balance is tricky at times but I find organisation is the key, keeping to strict working hours (with the help of a nanny).

Although I was born in Cornwall, I also have French and Irish ancestry. As my work tends to be Celtic in look and feel, maybe this family history has some bearing?


Yes, I do see commissions as a positive thing and would love to do more bespoke commission work. My style is forever evolving, never static but I do tend to work in ranges, e.g. drop earrings, bangles, talisman nugget charms and gemstone beading. I find that there is major satisfaction in liaising with clients to realise a design that they have in mind.

I am efficient in my marketing strategies and consistent in my management of my business. I actually enjoy the admin side of things and find that keeping order helps my creative flow.


If money were no object I imagine that I would venture into experimentation with gold, platinum and top end gemstones…which I plan to do!


Recession always hits the luxury goods market but jewellery is perhaps less affected than other arts and crafts items. I think that we are over the worst now and am optimistic about  my continuing future practice


My main wish is that I remain healthy and physically able to continue in practice for many years to come. Bench work is more strenuous than people imagine so a healthy body is imperative. I wish to continue enhancing people’s lives in some small way, jewellery being my chosen path.


Organisation and effective time management are imperative to my practice. I am in the process of setting up a new purpose built studio, warmth and light being high on my list of priorities.




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