Mike Mason makes posh pens and turns wood into beautiful objects.

I have loved working in wood since being given my first wood gouge as a teenager, plus a piece of sage advice from my uncle, who was a cabinet maker.

"A bad craftsman blames his tools, a good craftsman keeps them sharpened"

I still have that first gouge, and it's still sharp.I use it and other tools to craft pens and various wooden objects. I try to use old English timber form branches that I find on the ground in old woodland. I also recycle pieces that were used to build old boats and items of furniture that have reached the end of their useful days.

All wood came from a tree that lived for many years by sucking up moisture through its roots. As the moisture dries out, the wood may twist and crack. I aim to minimise the cracks by using well-seasoned timber, treated with oils and polishes to preserve it. An occasional spray of furniture polish, buffed with a soft cloth, will ensure that each item gives the new owner pleasure for many years.