Emma’s vision and Jeremy’s art combine as ‘Emoral’ out of a shared love of urban and street art.

Emma left her ‘hamster wheel’ city job to pursue her passion for art.  She formed ‘Emoral’  after building a love of street art as a relevant art form.  She loved the idea of bringing this style of decoration into peoples homes by upcycling furniture from a previous decade into a completely new and very contemporary piece.

Jeremy Jones has always been fascinated with letter forms and graffiti art.  Skateboarding in London helped him to develop and eye for aesthetics in nature and architecture.  Painting skate boards gave in a portable canvas to experiment on with paint pends and pray paint.  Jeremy not only paints his designs on furniture with ‘Emoral’, he also teaches graffiti workshops in Nottinghill and is a semi-professional skateboarder.